Today was a gloomy day

Oh No! Ounou! When I was checking my Home-tweets (subscribed tweets) today afternoon I saw this Anna’s retweet first [Sakurako: “I don’t really have a goal […] My dream is to become a mom.”] . . and I was thinking why she retweets this old tweet. I browsed down to Home-tweets and then another Anna’s […]

Minamina got mumps

This month begins with health issue news.   Minami Nomura got high fever, went to hospital and was diagnosed with epidemic mumps. Doctor orderd rest for her which means (if I got it correctly) Kobushi Factory is going to skip this weekend Hello! Project winter concerts on March 2. and 3. Official announcement about this […]

Kobushis and Tsubakis to TIF2018 & other late news

This is just another edition of Kobushi Factory late news on May 26. 2018.   Logo Made new unofficial logo for Kobushi Factory. If you know 80’s Brit new wave rock you know what’s the reference here. SHINE! Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2018 ~SHINE! Kobushi Tamashii!~ is going on right now and they have added […]