KF blog pic picks : March 2019

Kobushi Factory girls posted plenty of nice photos on their official blog in March. So what happened during last month? Sako turned to 18 on March 8. We also saw that Minamina and Ayaka Wada are good friends. There are also a couple of old photos from family albums. Also hint from KF’s upcoming music […]

KF blog pic picks : February 2019

February was a month of Minami Nomura’s 19th Birthday, Hello! Project’s winter concert tour and Kobushi Factory’s joint concert with Dempagumi.inc. From these blog post pictures you can spot many BEYOOOOONDS girl but also members from other H!P groups. Ayaka Wada was a guest at Minamina’s Birthday events. And of course also from February we […]

KF blog pic picks : January 2019

January was another busy month for Kobushi Factory girls. There was Hello! Project 20th Anniversary Winter tour and some other events. Then there was all that usual stuff like TV shows, radio broadcasts and photo shooting sessions for Up-Front and Japanese magazines. And some girls had even time to have fun at Tokyo Disneyland with other […]

KF blog pic picks : October 2018

In October Kobushi Factory’s blog posts had many shots where KF girls are with some other Hello! Project members. You can spot from these pictures members from Morning Musume. ’18, ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Tsubaki Factory and BEYOOOOONDS. And of course there is also one picture of Reirei with her charming dog.