KF blog pic picks : December 2019

December was a month of some Hello! Project graduations. Kana Nakanishi graduated from ANGERME & H!P and Country Girls was disbanded. On December 16. was held the final concert of Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2019 Aki ~Punching the air!~. Of course Christmas was also visible in some Kobushi blog snap shots.    

KF blog pic picks : June 2019

What happened in June 2019? Ayaka Wada (ANGERME) and Yuka Miyazaki (Juice=Juice) graduated. Minamina was a guest at Ayacho’s last FC bus tour. Sakurako’s first photobook was published. And then there was Tsubaki Factory’s stage play “Harukanaru Toki no Kana de 6 Gaiden”.    

KF blog pic picks : March 2019

Kobushi Factory girls posted plenty of nice photos on their official blog in March. So what happened during last month? Sako turned to 18 on March 8. We also saw that Minamina and Ayaka Wada are good friends. There are also a couple of old photos from family albums. Also hint from KF’s upcoming music […]