My Top 10 H!P girls?

Have you already seen My Top Ten H!P Girls – Year End 2018 ranking? If your answer is negative then go to my KAKKO-II blog & check out which girls are on my list at the moment. In this “Family” photo all my top ten girls are standing somewhere. Might not be very big surprise […]

At the gym

The Television magazine took three Hello! Project girls Minami Nomura, Mizuki Murota (ANGERME) and Erina Ikuta (Morning Musume. ’18) to the gym. On the net edition of the magazine girls talk about physical training and what kind of exercises they do or are thinking of atarting to do. Minamina for example saw a book about […]

What is hot?

So I have this fetichism. Girls wearing “shorty shorts” a.k.a “hot pants” and not just any kind of shorts but they must be denim ones. This picture is from Reirei’s blog post which she did today. It’s from photo shoot session for Young magazine. There are Risa Yamaki (Country Girls), Riko Yamagishi (Tsubaki Factory) and […]

Halloween girls for sale

In collaboration with Hello! Project Official Shop online music store CD Japan has now set up for pre-order lot of H!P members Halloween items. These collectibles are divided into three sets. There are life-size tapestries, “Happy Halloween 2018 Basic Sets” and then the complete sets which have both already mentioned sets. Basic set includes: A […]

Kobushi & Tsubaki News – August 7. 2018

Photobook from Minamina As I was on my summer vacation over a week without internet I got news about Minami Nomura’s upcoming photobook quite late. But not too late as her first PB “Kiyo Sawa” is gonna be released on September 8. So we have to wait still one month for that. The book is shot […]