Sunday Girl Minamina

This autumn Hello! Project’s SATOYAMA/SATOUMI weekend was held at Kumagaya Sports & Culture Park in Kumagaya (Saitama). There are lot of pictures posted by fans & artistst themselves on Twitter from this event so it was easy to pick up some Minami Nomura shots. By da way, more Kobushi & Tsubaki pictures from SATOYAMA/SATOUMI weekend […]

Kobushi & Tsubaki News – August 7. 2018

Photobook from Minamina As I was on my summer vacation over a week without internet I got news about Minami Nomura’s upcoming photobook quite late. But not too late as her first PB “Kiyo Sawa” is gonna be released on September 8. So we have to wait still one month for that. The book is shot […]