Kobushi Factory SHINE! tour goods

Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2018 ~SHINE! Kobushi Tamashii!~ started today from Miyagi. As always there is a bunch of tour goods KF fans can get from concert places and by ordering from e-LineUP! web shop: Such as t-shirt, wristbands, microfiber towel, DVD magazine and of course various photo sets. Hopefully some of those goods can […]

Radio show from Kobushi Factory & other late news

Here are some Kobushi Factory news & stuff. I don’t always have time to update this blog as soon as I should . . but better now than never. These are busy days for Kobushi girls because of their new single release.     Radio You probably already know that finally Kobushi Factory got their own […]

Tsubaki’s First Blossom

On February 22. Tsubaki Factory held a concert at Differ Ariake in Toyko. It was titled as “Tsubaki Factory One Man LIVE ~First Blossom~”. During that live they peformed many of their recent songs plus a new one called “Yuki no Planetarium”.   There was also announcement of Tsubaki’s first ever tour. From April 15. […]