Today was a gloomy day

Oh No! Ounou!

When I was checking my Home-tweets (subscribed tweets) today afternoon I saw this Anna’s retweet first [Sakurako: “I don’t really have a goal […] My dream is to become a mom.”]

. . and I was thinking why she retweets this old tweet.

I browsed down to Home-tweets and then another Anna’s tweet came in sight: [Who would have expected Reirei out of all girls to pull a Momochi and stay in H!P after her group disbanded? You’d think Hamachan and Minamina would have gone that route. How exciting is this? Solo Reirei? Playing Manager Reirei? Reirei in Morning Musume? Juice=Juice? ANGERME?]

Now I was getting frustrated. What the hell is this? Group disbanded? What?

Then a couple of my Home-section tweets down and I saw this from J-pop Project news: [Kobushi Factory will disband. A surprise announcement states that they will cease activities with their performance on March 30th. The group won the Best Newcomer award after debuting in 2015, and topped the Oricon chart with their 3rd single in 2016.]

I can’t use the word “shock” when I saw it but sure my heart start beating faster and I think I was sweating.

Surprise % was indeed 100 at that moment.

Like zombie I continued checking those Home-tweets and then another from Anna: [Just woke up to Kobushi Factory disbanding.]

Yes. I was not dreaming. Only I did not woke up as I was already awake (afternoon hours in Helsinki). I only got this unexpected news two or so hours late as I don’t check out my TweetDeck messages all the time.


So . . The Facts:

Kobushi Factory’s farewell concert is on March 30. 2020 at Tokyo Dome City Hall.

It was group leader Ayaka Hirose in the first place who wanted to graduate from KF & H!P already in early 2019.

Many talks between Ayapan, other members of the group and the staff of Up-Front Promotion and after those finally they came to the decision that Kobushi Factory is gonna be disbanded.

Only Reirei stays in Hello! Project. What is her future role we don’t know yet. Is she joining ANGERME? Or some other group?

Ayapan will enter music college in April. I’m sure we will see her in music or theatre scene in the future.

Minamina, my oshimen, my love, says she likes dramas and movies. Future actress I guess she is gonna be. She is KF member I’m gonna miss most. Of course.

Hamachan, where will we see her after Kobushi Factory? Maybe she is really going to modelling stuff.

Sakko, Sakurako is the only one from the group who retires from the whole entertainment business. She is the future Mom (as she already stated some time ago).


Oh No! This was indeed a gloomy day.


KF disband announcements 2020 1. 8. @ H!P official site


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