Where is Kobushi Factory’s 2nd album?

Something to talk about… again.

2 years, 5 months and 4 days has passed by since Kobushi Factory’s debut album “Kobushi Sono Ichi” was released. To be exact: Debut and only album so far.

What happened to Kobushi Factory in the last half of 2016 has affected quite badly to group’s activity and record releasing since those days.

This list of events happened back then:
On July 6. – Rio Fujii was fired from Up-Front.
On July 13. – Rena Ogawa takes a break from activities due to anxiety neurosis.
On September 6. – It was announced that Rena had decided to graduate from KF and H!P.
On December 6. – It was announced that Natsumi Taguchi’s contract with Up-Front was terminated.

It looked like there were a manhunt going on to harm Kobushi Factory and especially some of group’s members. Leaked pictures on Twitter. Rude words. Hatred. Morally doubtful acts.

After that kind of turmoil Kobushi Factory and it’s five remaining members had to take their time to recover. It almost looks like their management Up-Front punished the group by cancelling many of their planned activities including releasing new records.

So today we are still waiting for the second studio album from Kobushi Factory. Debut was released 885 days ago. How many days, weeks and/or months we must still wait? Just asking.


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