Kisora & Kiki out from Tsubaki lineup

These days Tsubaki Factory’s lineup is missing two girls because Kisora Niinuma as well as Kiki Asakura are both on hiatus.

On May 16. 2019 was announced that Kisora had fallen down on stairs and at the hospital was diagnosed with a coccyx fracture (a tailbone fracture). Recovering from that injury takes about a month so hopefully Kisora will be back in business in the middle of June.

Kiki Asakura’s announcement came a little bit earlier on May 8. 2019. Kiki’s back pains had returned and now she is on hiatus for the second time with the same reason as before which is “lumbar disc herniation”. We still don’t know how long it takes for her to recover this time. This Kiki’s problem with her spine is quite worrisome. Now we are waiting for the announcement what kind of diagnosis her doctor has done.


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