Hard times

News about Kobushi Factory have not been very good lately. I’ve not yet commented about those two incidents which have affected the group because I’ve not had enough reliable facts to deal with.

Yes, I’m talking about Rio Fujii getting fired and Rena Ogawa having anxiety neurosis.

It’s still not clear why Rio’s contract was terminated on July 6. (or earlier) altough her graduation was already scheduled to happen in the end of Hello! Project 2017 Summer Tour. All Up-Front has told is that “Rio’s contract was terminated because of a breach in rules and a failure to fix that issue”. I hate to speculate on this sudden incident. Only thing I can say is that I hope this do not affect on chemistry between remaining members.

Another not-so-nice news is that Rena had to go on hiatus as she was diagnosed with anxiety neurosis. First Maho Aikawa from ANGERME had to take break half a year ago because of panic disorder and now it’s Rena with another neurological disorder.

Rena is on hiatus at least to the middle of August. Then her doctor decides is she ready to come back or must she still stay at home. Again only time will tell how things will go.

There is indeed quite a turmoil going on in Kobushi Factory at the moment. One girl got fired and one is on sick leave. This means that the group goes now on with only six members. And that means extra work for girls and their staff: Who will sing Rio’s and Rena’s lines & how to rearrange choreographies. But that’s only surface. We just don’t know what’s goin on in each and everyone’s head. How they deal with this new situation? Hope eveyyone has enough strength to get through these quite hard times.


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