4th single on June 14th

Fourth major single from Kobushi Factory is a double A-sided and comes in five different editions.

Cover images of those editions are now unveiled.

All editions have songs “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa” and “Ee Janai ka Ninja Nai ka”. Latter one is a theme song for “JK Ninja Girls” movie which premiere is on July 17. 2017. Three limited editions have DVDs as usually and limited SP has bonus songs “Yami Ni Nukegake” and “Picchi Pichi Tomodacchi” from the movie.

By the way, July 17th is also Rei Inoue’s and my Birthday.


Limited edition A with bonus DVD: Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa MV


Limited edition B with bonus DVD: Ee Janai ka Ninja Nai ka MV


Limited edition SP with bonus DVD: Dance shot versions of Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa & Ee Janai ka Ninja Nai ka


Regular edition A


Regular edition B


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